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Menu for Week of Sept 25th. Orders to be placed by Sept 22nd

Week1 Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Tues  Oatmeal w/Brown Sugar & Raisins                                                                          1800 add Pecans Black Bean Burger w/Spicy Mayo                                              1800 add Fruit Cup   Shimp Etouffee w/Orzo Pasta        1800 add low fat corn muffin
Wed Spinach and Cheese Quiche                             1800 add Fruit Cup Tuna Salad onPita  w/Fresh Fruit  1800 add Baked Potato Chips                                                                        Smoked Gouda Chicken w/Broccoli                                           1800 add Mixed Green Salad w/Dressing
TH High Energy Muffin & Lowfat Cottage Cheese                                                                                 1800 add Fruit Cup           Thai Beef Salad w/Ginger Lime Dressing                                                                                          1800 add Baked Apples Herb Roasted Beef & New Potatoes & Browned Butter Brussel Sprouts                                                       1800 Add Mixed Green Salad w/Dressing
Fri Oatmeal and Banana Pancakes w/Light Syrup                                                           1800 add Pancake Fish Taco w/ Cilantro Lime Sauce                    1800 add Black Bean & Corn Salsa Tomato Basil Pizza w/Mushrooms & Grilled Chicken & Mixed Green Salad w/Dressing                                                 1800 add Marinated Fruit Salad
Sat Zucchini & Cheese Muffin w/Fresh Fruit                                                1800 add Turkey Sausage Grilled Salmon Salad w/ Mango salsa Dressing                                                                          1800 add Whole Wheat Crackers & Fresh Fruit                                                           New Orleans Red Beans & Rice w/Fresh Fruit                                                                      1800 add Cornbread Muffin                                                                                   
Sun Breakfast Casserole                                                                          1800 add Fruit Cup Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich w/Basil Spread & Green Bean Salad                                                      1800 add Baked Chips                                                                  Pork Tenderloin w/Mandarin Orange Sauce & Rice & Spinach Forentine & Strawberry Shortcake                                                                                                              1800 add Tomato, Basil & Cucumber Salad                                                         
Mon  Breakfast Enchilada w/Fruit Cup                                                             1800 add Enchilada Chicken Apple Salad on Pita                                                               1800 add Broccoli Salad                                             Ravioli w/Marinara Sauce & Steamed Cauliflower                                                             1800 add Green Salad                                                             

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