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Healthy Lunch & Dinner Weekly Plan/7 Days

Healthy Lunch & Dinner Weekly Plan/7 Days

$ 160.80

Enjoy a complete week of quality lunches and dinners. basically it is 2 meals for the cost of dinner out on the town.

Order on Friday and we will have the  Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri meals ready for you on Monday and the Sat, Sun, Mon meals are ready following Friday. See the link to the weekly menus posted by date on the HOME PAGE to see what we will be cooking for the coming weeks.

We offer  3 options on how to receive this plan- pickup at our store location, delivered to you door or shipped.

For pick up  click on the cart.

For shipping also click on the cart and then on the shipping tab in the cart.  

For delivery, click on the delivery option above the add to cart tab. 

If you are ordering multiple orders of this plan and want it delivered then use delivery option for your first order and pick up option on the remaining orders.


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