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Healthy Dinner Plan pick your meal

Healthy Dinner Plan pick your meal

$ 12.99

With this plan you have to all the choices. You can chose which one you want and how many you want to purchase, whether you are ordering for one or for the whole family.

Use this plan with our other pick your meals plans for lunch and for breakfast  to build own menu. When you are ordering our meals separately we can not guarantee the calorie counts for 1200 and 1800. All dinners on this plan is approximately 500. 

Order on Wednesday or Friday and we will have the Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri meals ready for you on Monday and the Sat, Sun, Mon meals are ready following Friday. See the link to the weekly menus posted by date on the HOME PAGE to see what we will be cooking for the coming weeks and select the corresponding day for the meal you want to order.

For pickup and  delivery options on this plan, please contact customer service at 205-822-3266.



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