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Low Carb/gluten sensitive 21-Meal Plan

Low Carb/gluten sensitive 21-Meal Plan

$ 199.99

Enjoy our 21 Meal Plan all week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with no worries.   This is by far our most popular plan because it cost about as much to just get lunch and dinner out as it does to get all 3 meals a day prepared for you. The meals are all  25 and under carb meals and add up to 1,000 calories a day.  Medical supervision is recommended.

This plan is also great for weight loss!  We have taken all the work of preparing and cooking. Several customers use this to lose weight and when they reach their desired weight, they use one of our calorie plans to maintain. 

We  cook twice a week for this plan and have the Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri meals ready for you on Monday and the Sat, Sun, Mon meals are ready on Friday. We offer  3 options on how to receive this plan- pickup at our store location, delivered to you door or shipped.

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If you are ordering multiple orders of this plan and want it delivered then use delivery option for your first order and pick up option on the remaining orders.




Meal Day Order by day (noon) Pick up/Delivery Day


Wednesday Friday Monday
Thursday Friday Monday
Friday Friday Monday
Saturday Wednesday Friday
Sunday Wednesday Friday
Monday Wednesday Friday

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