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The Plan

Because many people are overwhelmed with what it takes to eat right - planning, cooking, shopping, etc., it may just seem easier to eat out, order a pizza, or worse yet, zip through the local drive-thru.
The cornerstone of Heat-N-Eat Healthy is convenience. We do all the planning, shopping and cooking, and if you wish, we even deliver right to your home or office! Two times each week, you will receive delicious meals that are perfect for individuals and families who:
  • Need to follow a special diet for medical reasons such as diabetes, certain heart problems or high blood pressure.
  • Want improve your training for sports or bodybuilding.  
  • Want to lose weight.
  • May not want or have time to shop, cook, and clean for just themselves or a family.
  • Are unable to drive or cook, such as the elderly.

All meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients.
Heat-N-Eat Healthy has several different meal plans to accommodate your needs. We offer meals in different calorie portions - either 1200 or 1800 calories per day, a low carb to no-carb meal plan, 500 calorie medical plan.

If you are changing your eating habits for medical reasons or for weight-loss purposes, we recommend that you check with your physician to determine which calorie plan to choose.
Ordering and Delivery
We offer convenient ordering through customer service line or  Internet. If your call to customer service is outside the normal business hours, please leave a detailed message including your name and telephone #, and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm your order.
Meals are delivered Monday and Friday.
(1)  You can pickup your meals at our convenient Acton Road location or
(2)  You can have the meals delivered to your home or office in the Birmingham area for an additional charge or
(3)  You can have your meals shipped via UPS to your home or office for an additional charge.

Heat-N-Eat Healthy contracts with the local delivery service Katz Delivery, for your convenience we add the charge of $12.50 to your order. 

Remember to refrigerate all meals until eaten.