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June 2017

Healthy Connections was purchased in June 2017 by Cindy  Holland. The company will be managed by the President of the LLC, Cindy Holland and her daughter Kayla Holland. Cindy has extensive knowledge of both restaurant and retail management. During her childhood years up to adulthood, her parents owned and operated a successful family restaurant, in which she worked in many different capacities. After graduating from University of Alabama at Huntsville, with a degree in Business Administration, she worked in management for Pizza Hut, Arby’s, and Taco Bell until she decided to branch out to open her own retail business. She them operated 3 retail establishments for a total of over 10 years. On a personal level, Cindy enjoys cooking for others and creating new recipes.

Kayla Holland, who graduated from University of Alabama at Birmingham, with degree in Applied Mathematics with Scientific Computation and minored in Business Administration and is currently working and will continue to work as a Market Research Analyst locally and will be using her experience to identify trends and project sales. On a personal level, Kayla will be contributing to the marketing aspect of the company, using her many years of social media and  market research experience to promote the company.

Together the team has spent a lifetime battling the bulge and knows how time consuming it is to prepare meals to fit a diet plan and how discouraging it is to try to find prepared meals to accommodate the diet. They have experienced several diet plans that only ended in failure because of these factors and decided  Healthy Connections was not only a solution to their problem but to others who are experiencing the same challenges. They also experienced family members having health issues of diabetes, heart-disease and high blood pressure and their struggle to find meals to accommodate the restrictions.

They decided to re-brand the company to Heat-N-Eat Healthy to promote the concept of the convenience to eating healthy the company provides.  


Call for more information. 205-822-3266