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Leave the cooking to Us! Convenience plans

We for more than  weight loss or medical restricted plans.  We cook for convenience as well! so if you are too busy to cook or just don't have the desire to cook check out our plans that will get you out of the kitchen.

Casseroles- for last minute dinners or special occasions.

5 day meal plans- Monday-Friday meals for the busy week day.

Dinner Plans- After a long day at work, last thing you want to do is Cook!  We can provide healthy dinners already prepared and cooked.

 Pick Your Meals-Looking for just a few meals a week or multiple meals for the day, this is where you can customize your plan.

 Grab-N-Go- If you are in the neighborhood and want a healthy meal or snack, stop in to see what is available in the cooler. 


If you are wanting to control your calories or carbs to a medical condition or for wait loss, see our "which plan is right for me" to chose the plan right for you. Then go to How it works to find the various ways to order the plan you want.