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What is Heat-N-Eat Healthy?

Heat-N-Eat Healthy is a meal service which provides meals on a weekly basis. Here at Heat-N-Eat Healthy we know how hard it is to buy, prepare, and cook for your lifestyle and are here to help, so sit back order and LEAVE THE COOKING TO US!

Heat-N-Eat Healthy offers following different plans based on your preference of eating:

Healthy meal plans- designed for weight loss and/or medical restricted plans and follows the standards of the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. Our healthy menu is offered two different options: Healthy- set to 1200 calories a day and Healthy+ set to 1800 calories a day.  

 Low/Carb Gluten is designed for individuals who need to reduce their carbs to under 30 carbs per meal or for individuals who want to improve their athletic training. This also a good plan for those who are gluten sensitive. For various ways to order this plan Click Here.

Paleo- which offers a method of eating that produces a nutritional plan that works with your genetics to help you stay lean and energetic. Currently, we have 7 meals on this plan.

Vegan -Heat-N-Eat Healthy has turned some of their favorite dishes into vegan for our customers who prefer a plant based meal plan! The dishes on this plan does not contain any animal products.

HCG- a medical supervised diet plan. 


We cook for convenience as well! so if you are too busy to cook or just don't have the desire to cook check out our plans that will get you out of the kitchen. Click here to choose a plan that best fits your needs.

We offer convenient ordering through customer service line or the web-site. If your call to customer service is outside the normal business hours, please leave a detailed message including your name and telephone #, and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm your order. . Place you order by Friday 5pm and your meals will be ready on Monday for the Healthy, Low Carb plans and HCG. Place your order by Tuesday 5pm for Paleo Vegan and pick up your meals on Thursday or Delivered on Friday.

Our Healthy and Healthy+ meals, Low Carb & HCG are ready twice a week, Place your order by Friday 5pm and meals are ready:

 Monday- Meals for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are ready.

On Friday-  Meals for Saturday, Sunday, Monday are ready.

Our Paleo and Vegan meals are ready once a week:

Order by Tuesday 5pm and meals are ready for pick up on Thursday or delivered on Friday.

 We offer 3 options for receiving your meals:

(1)  You can pickup your meals at our convenient Acton Road location on Mondays & Friday 9am to 6:30 pm.

(2)  You can have the meals delivered to your home or office in the Birmingham area for an  additional charge by Katz Delivery for an extra charge.

(3)  You can have your meals shipped via UPS to your home or office for an additional charge.