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A “diet” is a four-letter word that makes one die to a ’t’ … die-t.

Here at Heat-N-Eat Healthy we believe  “diet” is a four-letter word that makes one die to a ’t’ … die-t. I know because I have tried every diet to come along to the point I considered myself a professional "yo-yoer."  Through this business I have realized eating healthy is a lifestyle decision and not a diet.  

Making small changes every day from eating fast food or over processed foods to  properly balanced foods  will grow into big lifestyle changes over the long haul. Nothing tastes as good as "healthy” feels! Trust me, it works!I know because I personally have lost 15lbs. dropped my BP, Cholesterol, and A1c.  You’ve got this and you are not alone, myself and my team are on this journey with you! Cindy Holland, owner.

Below are the menus for the upcoming weeks and each menu has its nutrition information listed by meal on our nutrition information page.

Menu for April 30 - May 6th is Dining Out.  Order by Friday April 27th

Menu for May 7 - 13 is Classic Comfort.  Order by Friday May 4th

Menu for May 14-20  is International Dining. Order by Friday May 11th.

Menu for May 21-27  is Original Favorites.  Order by Friday May 18th.

If you chose our weekday 5 plan then remember to eat wisely on the weekends and don’t “un-do” what you’ve accomplished during the week!