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Turn your New Year Resolution into a NEW Lifestyle!

New year resolutions. We all make them and TRY for a week or so to keep them until we become frustrated and go back to our old ways,not having accomplished our goal.The reason being that It takes 21 days to "break a bad habit" and to form a new one in its place. If your resolution includes losing weight or eating healthy, Heat-N-Eat Healthy is here to help! We are offering $75.00 off our 4 week plans  pick your and use Promo code Lifestyle2018  at checkout.

 Not sure where to start? 

 Most people are not aware of how many calories they consume a day or how many calories they need to decrease to lose weight.  The easiest way to find out is to do this simple equation:

  1. Take your current weight in pounds and multiply X11= caloric baseline. 
  2. Then take your caloric baseline and add 400 to find your maintenance calories or the calories you currently consume to maintain your current weight.
  3. The last step is to subtract 600 calories from you maintenance calories to find you calorie target or the calories you need to consume to start losing weight.

*These numbers are approximate and are intended as a guideline. How many calories you want to consume and how fast you want to lose weight is entirely up to you.  We have several different plans to choose from to accommodate your lifestyle and to help you achieve your goal.


Click on the date below for the guide to the Healthy and Healthy+  meals that we will be preparing each week..                                    Jan 23-29         Jan 30-Feb 5th

Click on the date below for the guide to the Low Carb/Gluten  meals that we will be preparing each week.. 

Jan 9-15                   Jan 16- 22                Jan 23-29         Jan 30-Feb 5th


 Please call us with any problems or questions. (205) 822-3266

*Best Deal* 4 Week Plans

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